Model Matrix

Feature Engineering tool

Installing Schema

Model Matrix use PostgreSQL database to store model matrix definitions and all associated metadata.

#1 Create Model Matrix database

Default catalog database configuration defined in modelmatrix-cli/src/main/resources/reference.conf.

url      = "jdbc:postgresql://localhost/modelmatrix"  
user     = "modelmatrix"  
password = "modelmatrix"

#2 Install Model Matrix schema

Schema migrations managed by Flyway, schema DDL and migrations located in: modelmatrix-core/src/main/resources/db/migration

First it’s required to package CLI distribution. In root directory run:

sbt universal:packageBin

The cli zip distribution will be placed in: - modelmatrix/modelmatrix-cli/target/universal/

If you want to create schema in non-default database check CLI documentation on how to update database config.

Install Model Matrix Catalog schema:

bin/modelmatrix-cli install-schema